How to live – my 10 commandments



What I have learnt in my nearly 50 years

(with inspiration from the Desiderata, Kipling, Gerad Kite, the Bible, the Qu’ran, Budha and many others who have gone before me)

1. Learn to walk in the shoes of others

2. Treat people as you would like them to treat you

3. Strive to make the world a better place

4. Find things that inspire you and do things you love

5. Tell the truth

6. Be brave. Don’t be afraid to fail – but learn from it

7. Love and let yourself be loved

8. Taste life, savour the small moments – after all, this is life and it is precious

9. Use your voice, speak up, what you have to say matters as much as what others have to say – but listen as well

10. Be kind to yourself. The world is a big place and you are only a small part of it.


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