Why do we need something new?

Pop Brixton is the latest attraction bringing a new demographic to spend money in the area
Pop Brixton is the latest attraction bringing a new demographic to spend money in the area

Lambeth is one of the most deprived parts of London, but it also has a vibrant and fast growing economy. Despite new investment, many Lambeth residents feel excluded from the benefits of economic growth. Lambeth schools have shown massive improvement in the last decade, yet school leavers lack employability skills and experience of work. Lambeth has no education business partnership and schools are generally poorly connected to employers – both in their local community and in the City.


Problems Opportunities
Massive gap between the world of work and education

Huge skills and employability gaps

Careers education “on life support” (CBI)

Work being transformed by technology and globalisation

Social networks in “establishment” careers ever more restrictive

Publicly funded skills delivery in silos

Lack of local collaboration around shared vision for careers education

London Ambitions strategy from LEP

Potential to harness community of parents

Employers crying out for skills

Lambeth College keen to engage

Head teachers recognise need to provide broader education offer

Growing networks of small businesses and social entrepreneurs

Cooperative council ethos

Rapid local economic growth

Great links transport links to rest of London


3 thoughts on “Why do we need something new?

  1. Not sure if you are Abigail of shared play Street signs? If you are I would like, with a few of us who hang out at Brixton Community Base Talm Raod Xmas party December 5th to look at ways we improve our community.


      1. Yes sorry my sign up to Raw talent went awry
        We meet via Friends of Windrush Square to look at improving the environment and safety but link to various organisations Brixton Windmill Brockwell Park Library etc. need better tweeting and facebook skills to reach the young and social media.
        I willspek to you by phone Wednesday


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