Connecting the unconnected

So what is the biggest challenge facing young people today?

Temitayo + Paul Drechsler tweet

Temitayo summed it up perfectly.

“We don’t know how to get from education to work”.

Head girl and aspiring lawyer, Temitayo was speaking at Business in the Community’s Education Symposium at Goldman Sachs today.

The theme was how business can help tackle educational disadvantage.

CBI’s Paul Dreschler challenged companies to engage with schools, calling for “a whole community approach” including parents, primary school and charities to tackle the scandal of 3.7 million children living in poverty and the economic damage caused by all that wasted talent and opportunity.

BITC published research with nearly 4,000 pupils that shows the benefits of their business class programme which develops long term partnerships with schools. It found that collaborative activities involving volunteers from a range of employers have a greater impact on young people.

Strikingly, work experience has the greatest impact of all with 90% of participant pupils saying that as a result of work experience they would work harder at school and 73% saying they were clearer about a career.

Business in the Community is leading on the Fair Education Alliance’s impact goal four – “to narrow the gap in the proportion of young people taking part in further education or employment-based training after finishing their GCSEs”.

Too many initiatives are unconnected and discrete, operating in separate silos. The big question is how to collaborate to scale up impact.

Susie Perritt


The challenge, for young people, for businesses and schools, and for us in Lambeth, was well summed up by Susie Perrett.

What we need to do, she said, is all about “connecting the unconnected”.





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