Lambeth employers back campaign for young people

The Lambeth Pledge

The seven Lambeth Business Improvement districts are backing a campaign to increase opportunities for young people to experience work and enterprise through a Lambeth Employers’ Pledge. 

Meeting at Pop Brixton yesterday, the seven BIDs agreed to work with Raw Talent to develop a campaign to ask local employers to “pledge” a certain number of hours per year to support skills of young people. A menu of options, starting from as little as 5 hours a year, will enable employers to commit what they are able, such as mentoring, school visit, taking a student on work experience or offering an apprenticeship.

An initial target to recruit 100 businesses to offer 20 hours work experience to a student from a local school would create an additional 2000 hours of work experience for young people in Lambeth.

Developing collaboration

Raw Talent want to involve as many organisations as possible in this campaign so that we maximise opportunities for young people in our borough.

We are already talking to Lambeth Council, Brixton £, Brixton Green, Citizens UK, Lambeth College, Elmgreen School Parent Promoters Foundation, the Brixton Impact Hub. South Bank University, The South Bank Centre and the EY Foundation (Ernst and Young).

We know there are many other organisation working to increase opportunities for young people and we want them to be involved too.

What’s in it for business?

Many local businesses are already committed to supporting skills development through mentoring, work experience and apprenticeships.

We aim to build on this through a  simple, high profile and engaging campaign that gets local employers on board. Businesses will gain a range of benefits from being part of this campaign.

  • Supporting the development of young people is a great way for businesses to develop their talent pipeline, cut recruitment costs and source enthusiastic and trained employees who can work part time, during peak periods or cover staff holidays.
  • Employees who live locally are likely to stay longer and, when they have been trained in the businesses, show greater loyalty.
  • By demonstrating commitment to the community, businesses can build customer loyalty and demonstrate corporate social responsibility. Making this pledge puts businesses in a strong position to demonstrate social value when applying for public contracts or planning permission.
  • Being part of this campaign will give businesses access to publicity and promotion through campaign events, campaign website, media stories, the Pledge branding and networking opportunities.

Next steps

Over the next six weeks Raw Talent will meet with all the BIDs and the council and bring together a working group to develop the campaign targets, produce a costed campaign plan, and suggest how it is funded.

We will also work with Lambeth council and schools and colleges to develop the fulfilment mechanisms, ie the processes by which young people are placed with suitable employers.

These proposals would be brought back to the next quarterly BID meeting for approval with the aim of launching the campaign in the summer.

If you can help or would like to be involved please contact




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