Learning can be fun!


There was huge energy and passion at the Brixton Impact Hub for our first education innovators event. The title  “School is boring: What can we do?” clearly touched a chord as we had a great turn-out and a really diverse group of people.

Andrew Morgan  Principal of Space Studio West London was having none of it. “School is Not boring, it’s fun” and he proved it by giving us a whole list of incredible projects his students are working on – including one about understanding the universe! (If only my A level physics class had been like that…)

The teachers are having fun too it seems – see this blog.  “There is no force in teaching more powerful than passion. I am not an exceptional teacher; I am a teacher who took a chance on a school that didn’t exist when I applied to it, and I have used that chance, as have the rest of the staff I work with, to foster an environment where we enjoy every single day.”

Fitz, a year 7 student at Dunraven was sceptical. “This might be OK for a small school of well behaved students, but how could it work in a big school?”  A great conversation ensued about how you could create different models of learning across schools that enable students to direct their own learning, pursue rigorous lines of enquiry and follow their passions – leading to more fun!

Join us for the next event on June 15th – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/real-learning-is-inspiring-how-do-we-get-more-tickets-25699099699

We are really keen to connect with more people across education in Lambeth. If you’re interested or know someone who might be please get in touch:





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