Education – what we want

The energy in the room at our “School is boring” event was incredible. There was also a surprising degree of consensus about the education system we want.

We ran an Open Space session to share ideas and create an agenda. People generated their own questions on the broad theme Education in Lambeth 2030 – what do we want?

Here is what people said.

What should be the goal of education?

  • “Happiness”
  • Maximised potential
  • Best version of self
  • Satisfy curiosity
  • Learn to navigate society
  • Fostering creativity
  • Learners feel valued

Active in improving – Social, Environmental, Personal, Global, Health and wellbeing.  Lots of connections –  Business visits, reduce risk

A sense of wonder – wonderful learning



Do young people need to have a greater say in what they are learning?

Growth mind set, developing mind sets, putting learning into context

How can education be more honest and authentic?

Making teachers think about why they started teaching

More genuine collaboration between schools/areas/teachers/students


Recognise which parts are outdated

  • Wonder
  • Passion
  • Communication
  • Introductions


Education to get ready for life

Raising consciousness and social awareness in young adults (16-25) What’s your purpose in life?

Coaching not teaching

More open ended learning

Can we make “safe” mistakes to learn in school?

Kids learning from kids

How do we plant more seeds?

Children are my biggest teacher

  • fearless
  • happy
  • absorb knowledge very quickly
  • live outside their comfort zone
  • they never give up


What is the value of education?

Teamwork and soft skills under-valued – constant comparison against others. We want people to work together using complimentary skills

World of work requires you to have much more skills than qualification


Local businesses contributing to the curriculum

Anything is possible – explore, investigate and play with

What do we want from education?

Who do you want to be? (not what)

Person/character vs curriculum

Teacher as facilitator

Make sure teachers are looked after

Teachers loving learning

Enabling teachers to support learning through nature

Nature as teacher

Supported experiments in teaching


We asked people to produce “tweets” of key points they heard  

What do we want for Lambeth school 2030? Put learner in charge

How can education be more honest? Let teachers be themselves.

School! Give me emotional confidence

The root meaning of the word education is “to rise up”

We need more kids speaking up!

Education can be either a creative or destructive process

What do we want in 2030? More freedom and autonomy for teachers and students.

Confident teachers as facilitators

Goals of education: Build happiness, best version of self, navigate society, wellbeing, creativity, curiosity

Wonderful! Learning from nature.

Being able to learn new skills opens doors

Can we all be teachers?

Employers need to be more involved in the curriculum so learners can value the learning – and purpose

Why isn’t there an app which can connect kids looking for work experience directly with people in industry who can support?

We need positive social impact. Value of education should not be limited to financial gain.

Should we get rid of exams?

Join the conversation #schoolisboring

Join us on the 15th June to further develop these ideas into an agenda for action.









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