School is boring. Let’s redesign it. 19th July Impact Hub Brixton@

Work with teachers, learners and real world challenges to co-design new ways to learn

If you are a student, educator, parent, entrepreneur, employer, policy-maker or citizen of the world, please join us for this hands-on fun event.

Register here:

You will work in teams to design real world based learning projects based on stuff we need, like:

  • set up a healthy food business to attract kids away from the chicken shop
  • design a solution to get more people cycling
  • produce a guide to inspire people to use local businesses
  • organise a local music event
  • develop an app to connect community gardens.

We are collaborating with the Innovation Unit‘s School Design Lab to develop this event.

Our teachers will be led by Dominic Bergin, Headteacher of The Elmgreen School.

Our learners will include students like Nesa, a year 10 pupil from Dunraven, and will focus on what they want to get out of school.

Employers and people with experience will define real world challenges for our learners to solve and provide the audience for the products they create.

What we make together has the potential to be used in Lambeth schools and beyond.


6.30      Arrive, refreshments and meet your tribe – do you want to be a learner, teacher or problem owner?

6.45     Set the scene and process for this evening, led by the School Design Lab

6.55     What does each “tribe” want to get out of a project? Quick discussion and feedback

7.05     Generate problem ideas. We aim to generate projects in these areas: future of work; governance and society, health and wellbeing, impact of new technology, the environment.

7.15    Co-Design phase. Chose a problem and work in a team supported by facilitators to take you through the ingredients of a Real Project including inspiring question, deep learning and authentic end product.

8.15    Project presentations. Each time will have 3 minutes to pitch their project.


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