Young entrepreneurs get creative

A group sixth form students from The Elmgreen School spent five days at Pop Brixton learning to be business consultants. Each team worked with two small business “clients” and pitched a creative solution to a Dragon’s Den of business owners and experts.

At the end of the week the students reported improvement across 10 different employment based skills and competencies, including business and customer awareness, team working, organisation and planning, leadership skills, developing confidence and facing new situations.

Alfred, aged 17


“I enjoyed working towards an end result – planning an event. I enjoyed the pressure of needing to do things on time and having an end goal to achieve and having a lot of support. I liked that.”

“Using my communication skills and things I am quite good at I was able to convert those into thinking about organisation skills, creativity and actually problem solving things within a business.”

Sagnii, aged 17


“I learnt to be more organised, on time and punctual, which is key in the business world.”

“Definitely I have gained team working skills.

“In the beginning we were really struggling, but towards the end of the week we started working together well, dividing up roles equally, we started sharpening up. In our presentation we really nailed it. We all took our part.”

Kaiya, aged 16


“I have learnt that I am really good at communicating one-to one.”

“I really enjoyed it because even though I found it quite nerve wracking, it was really nice to find out about their businesses, what they need help with, the challenges, and I hope that I’ve given them a solution. It just made everything worth it when people were actually enjoying the idea. I think that was the best bit.

“I’m more willing to go into situations where I would find it uncomfortable. Normally I would just avoid them. This week has made me reach out of my comfort zone.”


This was a pilot project. Raw Talent is now looking for support to fund and develop it.

If you can help or would like more please contact



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