Employers value work experience over degree

‘Getting on the career ladder’ is becoming increasingly dependent on work experience.

Research conducted by graduate recruitment specialists Pareto found that, even as a graduate, relevant work experience is beginning to overtake the level of degree, course or institution in importance.

In fact, 77 per cent of graduate recruiters considered work experience to be one of the most important factors on a graduate CV.

A meagre two in five  took the level of the degree into account and only 7 per cent took the standard of the university into consideration.

As a result, 47 per cent of recruiters admitted to skipping straight to the work experience section of a student application.

Being able to show a demonstrable skill set was the only attribute more sought after than work experience.

This refers to a candidate’s ability to show evidence of communication, problem solving and leadership. As such recruiters were happy to compromise on examples of the development of these skill sets though travelling, sports clubs and societies.

However with only 27 per cent of individual’s hiring looking at the education section of an application first, the superiority of work experience cannot be ignored.

Source: http://www.nouse.co.uk/2017/01/25/grad-employers-value-work-experience-over-degree/


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