Join the work experience revolution! Monday 20th March, 6-8pm @ Impact Hub Brixton

Raw Talent is a new Brixton based social business with an ambitious plan to revolutionise the fraught issues of work experience. We are looking for people to help. Please come along to this open event to find out more.

Register your attendance here:


The standard week long work experience placement doesn’t work for young people or employers.

  • Employers have to “babysit” the student and there is usually no real work so they have to invent tasks.
  • Young people get little change to develop their skills or explore possible careers.
  • Placements are usually fixed up through parents social connections – so middles class kids have a built in advantage.

Good quality work experience is crucial.

Research shows employers value experience above qualifications when recruiting. Contact with employers reduces the likelihood of young people being unemployed in the future.

These days high value work is project based – a creative problem-solving challenge with a beginning, a middle and an end.

These are the skills employers want to see and this is what we need to teach our kids.

Our model is for organisations to commission a project that young people can deliver (by setting a project brief). We then organise young people seeking work experience (typically in year 12 – aged 17) into teams to deliver the project, coaching and supporting them to deliver the brief.

We target young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who typically lack social contacts and opportunities.

We have had positive interest from local employers and have our first three commissions which will be delivered this summer (two films and a research project).

Our ambition is to scale up over the next five years to reach every disadvantaged 16-19 year old in Brixton – about 600 each year.

But we need help.

We want to reach as many potential supporters as possible in our community and build a crowd-funding and community shares campaign to develop the infrastructure we need – film-making equipment, workspaces, a pool of talented mentors and a cadre of trained coaches.

Are you an employer, supporter, mentor or coach? Are you someone who could help with our website, social media and communications? Are you a film-maker, photographer or designer, someone who could teach skills or set a project brief? Are you a parent or young person, or just interested in making sure Brixton’s growth benefits our young people?

Please come along to find out how you can get involved.

We look forward to seeing you there.



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