My work passport

Drawing on evidence from research with employers and based on the work published by Impetus, Raw Talent has developed a passport to use with young people.

The passport gives young people a tool to self-assess on six capabilities:

Work passport sumary page1 Self Aware – I recognise my strengths and weaknesses. I take responsibility for myself. I can set realistic goals and recognise the limits of what I can achieve. I can control my emotions in difficult situations.

2 Receptive – I am open minded and willing to learn. I am patient and flexible. I show respect for other people and appreciate the views of others. I build relationships with people. I ask for and respond to feedback and advice.

3 Driven – I am hard-working and careful. I am enthusiastic about tasks. I try to go the extra mile to find a solution. I am well organised and reliable. I get to the right place at the right time.

4 Self-assured – I believe in myself and am quietly confident. I believe I can reach my goals and shape my life. I am an independent thinker. I am willing to ask questions and seek more information. I am able to work alone without clear direction.

5 Resilient – I can cope with rejection and set-backs. I do not take things personally. I learn from my mistakes. I can adapt to new or difficult situations. I am open to constructive criticism. I look on the bright side. I keep trying even when things are difficult.

6 Informed – I understand what jobs are available. I can identify pathways into work. I have had direct contact with employers. I have a CV. I can describe myself and my achievements verbally. I seek advice from people in work. I understand the impact of education and training levels on employment.

Students can assess themselves at bronze, silver or gold for each capability and easily identify areas for improvement.

You can access a PDF of the full passport here: My work passport

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